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Are you looking for a career opportunity in a community where work and lifestyle combine to offer new and exciting experiences? 

Applications for teachers and support staff committed to Catholic schools' values are welcomed all year round.

If you are interested in working at St Finbarr's, we invite you to visit the Toowoomba Catholic Schools website to see if there are any vacancies or express your interest in a graduate or relief teacher position.

Watch the video below to see what others say about living and working in Catholic schools in regional and remote communities.

Feedback from past teachers of St Finbarr’s School, Quilpie

Sam Jaeger, Teacher, St Finbarr’s School, Quilpie, 2017-2019 

“As a young teacher whose first class was in the far western town of Quilpie, I thoroughly enjoyed what it brought for my teaching and career development. The school of St Finbarr's is one that I will cherish as being the teacher that I am today. The core values of the school are reflected in every student and staff member. I would recommend going to a remote location to every beginning teacher, it ignited the passion that I have for my teaching today.”

Jess Gillam (Taylor), Teacher St Finbarr's School, Quilpie, 2014-2016 

St Finbarr's was my first posting as a teacher.  I spent two years here and what a wonderful, supportive and loving community it was to be a part of.  It was incredible to see the school spirit and atmosphere, the sense of community involvement and the passion that was shown at St Finbarr's School.  I couldn't have asked for a better school to have experienced my first years of teaching.

Lisa Cavanagh, Teacher, St Finbarr’s School, Quilpie, 1997-2000 

“I went to St Finbarr's as a graduate teacher 24 years ago.  As a country girl myself, I enjoyed working in a small school, with country kids. Quilpie was such a welcoming and supportive community - there was always something new to experience.  Moving to Quilpie as a young teacher, I made life-long friendships with not only my colleagues, including the Sisters of St Joseph (Sisters Margaret Anderson and Anne Hoey), but with others in the community.  My husband (whom I met and married in Quilpie) and I remember our time in the town with great fondness.” 

Tony Coonan, Teacher, St Finbarr's School, Quilpie, 1984-1985, now Learning Manager, Queensland Museum

“I would strongly recommend St Finbarr’s School, Quilpie as a great teaching experience. My whole experience at the school and town has been so important for me on my life’s journey. I graduated in 1983 and my first two years of teaching in 1984 and 1985 were at St Finbarr’s. We all have a lot to learn straight out of tertiary education but the support from the school community and wider community was amazing. 

As it was a smaller community you regularly saw parents and students outside school. Consequently, I learnt that education was so much more than just the time spent at school. I was also very lucky in that I love sport. There is a thriving sporting community there and I was in involved in several sports. 

On top of this the natural environment is spectacular. You don’t appreciate how incredibly beautiful the West is until you live amongst it. I will always be appreciative that I made the decision to teach at St Finbarr’s.” 

Angela Travers (Sleba), Teacher, St Finbarr's School, Quilpie, 1988-1989, now Manager: Formation and Identity, Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office

Starting my teaching career at St Finbarr's Quilpie was the best start to my teaching journey.  Participating in all aspects of school life, being given the opportunity to lead and participate in school and liturgical events, gave me many opportunities to develop my learning and teaching skills.  Being welcomed into the life of the local parish and the wider community of Quilpie was an added bonus.  Very quickly I made lifelong friends who I am still in contact with today.  I have gone on to continue my educational leadership journey with Toowoomba Catholic Schools and I often reflect on the great start I experienced in the outback with the Sisters of St Joseph and Fr Jeff Scully, who inspired me to educate with compassion and hope.


John Meneely, Teacher, St Finbarr's School, Quilpie, 1986-1987, now Deputy Director of Catholic Education, Catholic Education Office Ballarat

My years at Quilpie were my first years of teaching alongside four Sisters of St Joseph, my fellow lay teacher, Monica, Fr jeff and of course, Spot the dog!  The school at that stage catered for ninety students including twenty plus boarders.  I couldn't think of a better school and town to begin my career.  The sense of community I experienced has had a lasting impact on my life and the leadership and service, the 'Joey' nuns undertook exemplified Pop Francis's call to those who work for the Church as 'shepherds living with the smell of the sheep'.