Our staff

“I have spent over 25 years leading multi-age classrooms and mentoring teachers to effectively deliver education in this unique context. As part of the Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools network, the school is fully supported in our delivery of high-quality education.”  Genny McNair, Principal 


Genny McNair - Principal, Assistant Principal Religious Education and Learning Support Teacher

  • At St Finbarr’s since 2012.
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts - History and Fine Arts, Master of Education - Special Education, Diploma of Speech Pathology
  • Expertise: Curriculum and teaching practice, high potential learners, learning support, speech pathology and teacher mentoring
  • Interests: Rural life, family, travel and restoring anything old

Tessa_McDougall.JPGTessa McDougall - Teacher
  • At St Finbarr's since 2020.
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Education (Primary), University of Queensland
  • Expertise: Clarinet (AMEB Level 7), saxophone, netball umpire and coach
  • Interests: Netball and music

Jocelyn_Haylock.JPGJocelyn Haylock - Teacher Librarian
  • At St Finbarr’s since 2009.
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Education (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education), Australian Central University
  • Expertise: Indigenous Education Officer, Teacher Librarian and ICT
  • Interests: Sport, sewing and family


Janell Jarzembski - School Officer

  • At St Finbarr’s since 2009 (and former graduate of St Finbarr’s School).
  • Expertise: Childcare and early childhood education
  • Interests: Craft and tennis


Ashleigh Crawford - School Officer

  • At St Finbarr’s since 2019.
  • Expertise: Level 3 performance development coach, Diploma in fitness, grass roots soccer coach, Austswim Learn to Swim instructor and lifeguard, Level 1 community athletics coach and after school sports instructor
  • Interests: sport, swimming and outdoor activities

Kerri_Thompson.JPGKerri Thompson - Administrative/Occupational Health and Safety Officer
  • At St Finbarr’s since 2020.
  • Expertise: Aministration,  Workplace health safety
  • Interests: Sports and community

Danielle Porter - Administrative Officer
  • At St Finbarr’s since 2014.
  • Expertise: Finance, business administration and event management
  • Interests: Outdoor activities and target shooting


Bridge Wells- Teacher
  • At St Finbarr's since 2021
  • Qualification: Bachelor of Education (Primary) - University of Southern Queensland
  • Expertise: Over 15 years teaching in Toowoomba Diocese and International schools 
  • Interests: Travel